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VGA to HDMI Converter Full HD
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Full HD VGA to HDMI Converter

This VGA to HDMI converter converts a standard VGA signal from a laptop or Computer to a Industry standard HDMI 1.2 signal. This allows for connectivity to newer plasma or LCD televisions that have an available HDMI port.

This VGA converter also includes an analog RCA audio input that is converted to a digital audio signal. The two signals are combined and transmitted through theHDMI Port.

Detailed Specifications

Digital Signal I/O…  HDMI Compliance HDMI 1.3
Operating Frequency…Up to165Mhz
Video Amplifier Bandwidth..1.65Gpbs/165MHz
Resolutions(HDTV) Interlaced(50&60Hz)…480i,576i,1080i
Mechanical Size(W-H-D)89mmW x 29mmH x 68mmD

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