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Product Code: Inspiron E1405
Availability: In Stock
Dell Laptop Adapter Hexagram Inspiron E1405
Price: Tk.1,500.00

Dell Original 65 Watt AC adapter specially designed to meet the power needs of your DELL notebook computer. This 65 Watts power AC adapter / charger enables you to power your notebook / laptop and charge battery, at home, at your home office, at work place or when on the move.
The device offers protection against incorrect mains voltage, short circuit and overheating. It can be used both to charge the batteries and to operate from the electricity socket. 
The device is identical in construction to the original and has the same specifications. The products are delivered in sturdy cardboard packaging.

DELL This Adapter is also suitable for following models: 
INSPIRON E1405, INSPIRON 8600, Inspiron 8500, INSPIRON 700m, INSPIRON 640m, INSPIRON 630m, INSPIRON 610M, INSPIRON 600m, INSPIRON 510m, INSPIRON 505m, INSPIRON 500m, Inspiron 300m, INSPIRON 1545 , INSPIRON 1545, INSPIRON 1526, INSPIRON 1525, INSPIRON 1521, INSPIRON 1520, INSPIRON 1320, INSPIRON 1150, Inspiron 710m.


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